Attributes of God

God is Sovereign– The word sovereign means chief, highest or supreme.  When we say God is sovereign, we are saying that Hs is the number one ruler in the universe. Psalms 103:19, 2… Continue reading

Patience & Prayer

Yesterday we did a short devo @ C3 to finish our study in James we read James 5:7-19.  Our discussion was about patience and fervent prayer.  I don’t know about you, but it seems that we… Continue reading

Radical Experiment

Radical Experiment This year I felt that God was calling me to read more.  I am pretty picky on my reading so let me explain how I choose what I read.  First of… Continue reading

How well do you Know God?

Last night at Collide we had a great discussion about knowing God.  We had asked, “On a scale of 1-10 (1 being very little and 10 being very well), how well would you… Continue reading

Woman at the Well John 4

Go fly a kite!

Go fly a kite! Yes I know it sounds bad, even wrong.   But for reals,  some of you need to go fly a kite!  I did today.  With a  busy schedule and… Continue reading

Dead to Sin?

Do you ever wonder why it is so hard sometimes as a Christian to “be” a Christian.  Well you might be asking, “what do you mean by Christian?”  I think a person who… Continue reading

Are You Free?

Tonight my wife and I were reading Galatians 5 together and a few things really stood out. You ran well. Who hindered you from obeying the truth? Galatians 5:7 How sad is that?… Continue reading


Kristi’s best friend Jackie aka Jax is an awesome photographer who took some pics of our family.  Check them out… more to come!

Trials :)

So the plan for today was to have a really productive day.  I had a “to do list” and was off to a great start.  Ok, so now it’s lunch time and I… Continue reading