FCA Update

Hey friends,
I hope all is well. God is moving mightily!  If you are already on FCA Team Salazar, thank you so much for coming alongside of us and supporting the work that God has called us to.  If you have given us a verbal committed but have not started, please go to http://fcateamsalazar.org/ and start today!  I am working really hard to reaching my financial goal so that I may be able to do more ministry.  If you have not made a financial commitment yet and need some more info about FCA and what my role is, please respond back via email or phone call to set up a time when we can talk or meet up for coffee so I can share what it means to be a part of My Team with FCA!
Lastly… I was encouraged by my supervisor last month to pray about intentionally about Start/Stop.
Start something new that will help you be healthy or effective.
Stop something that needs to change or takes you away from being healthy or effective.
I have been doing the Start/Stop challenge and it has been super fruitful!  I encourage you to pray and seek God about anything you may need to Start/Stop.